Exhausted, Feeling Strong, and Making Progress

Today was the second day in a row that I’ve gone to the gym and I am totally exhausted, my dudes. I mean, I didn’t even get enough sleep because this morning an alarm went off in one of the offices outside our building which prevented me from getting my seventh hour of rest. Regardless, I’m proud of myself for dragging my ass out to the gym for arm/leg day!

Speaking of the gym, I only just noticed today how much progress I’ve been making. I know I’ve written at least a few entries about my gym progress, but I feel like I can actually see muscle definition in my arms and back. Plus, my waist is looking at lot more trim than I remember, so I guess my ab workouts really do work! Even today at the gym I increased the weight I was lifting to twenty-five pounds, so there’s no doubt that I’m making progress. Seeing results like this feels amazing because it just makes me feel like, hey, I am strong and I can do this!

With that being said, I’m still super exhausted. After I took a shower I almost immediately fell asleep on the sofa watching Bob Ross on Netflix, haha! I definitely think I deserve an early night, so I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 349 exhausted, feeling strong, and making progress