Water Obsession: Kitten Takes a Dip!

Ever since we got Dolores back in June, her obsession with water has been very clear (pun intended). It wasn’t long before she jumped into the toilet, and soon after she found her way to the kitchen sink for daily showers. Now that she’s seven months old, she’s more interested in water than ever before. She even has her very own glass of water to drink from because yes, we are most definitely those type of cat owners.

Lately Dolores has been showing a lot of interest in the bath tub, so rather than just throw her into the deep end and hope for the best, I’ve been trying to introduce her to water in a more playful manner. Recently I’ve been putting a shallow layer of water in the bathroom sink and encouraging her to play with the toys I leave floating in there for her.

Today, however, she really seemed to take to it! Dolores got into the sink and was basically trying to dig through the water to reach the bottom. For at least five whole minutes she kept digging and digging, and I don’t think she cared about getting wet until she realized she wasn’t making any progress at all. I’m hoping that if I keep encouraging her to play with water in the sink then maybe she’ll eventually want to go for a swim in the bath! Obviously that’s still a long way off from where we are now, but at least she’s having fun playing in the shallow end.

Beatrice, on the other hand, has never shown any interest in water apart from the occasional drink here and there. Her heart is set on gravy, and that’s fine by me. As much as I’d love to see Beatrice paddling around in a pool, I think the only way I’ll make that happen is if it’s a pool full of gravy.

day 348 water obsession: kitten takes a dip!