Five Years Together

Five years ago today my husband and I began dating! It’s crazy to think that we were just a couple of dumb kids in the throes of a long-distance relationship and now we’re a couple of married people, living together with two cats and a flat in England.

In honor of our five years together, we planned a lovely day together. We slept in a bit and then headed out for lunch at the Monty Bojangles Truffle Bar in Reigate, where we ordered sandwiches, tea, truffle pancakes, and a slice of flutter scotch caramel pie. The pancakes were absolutely divine, by the way! By the time we finished eating we were so full that we desperately needed to go for a walk.

It was really interesting to walk around Reigate and poke our heads into all of the shops on the high street. Reigate is so close to where we live and yet it feels completely different to Surrey! Even Priory Park seemed different as we walked along the edge of the pond and listened to the birds. I can’t wait to go back to Priory Park when it’s warm; I bet it’s excellent for a picnic!

After we made it back from our walk we made our way to Guildford for AirHop. The last time we had been to the trampoline park was in April for my husband’s birthday, and I’m pleased to report that my stamina has improved since then, although I can’t say the same about my knees. We jumped on the trampolines for ages until I decided I needed to rest my knee, and then we headed off to dinner at Wagamama before catching Rogue One at the cinema.

Now we’re curled up on the sofa, my left leg resting on a stack of pillows in an attempt to ease the pain in my knee. I’m a little concerned about my knee, but hopefully rest and ice and a knee brace will help over the next few days. I guess bad knees is just one of those things that happens as you get older!

Anyway, I’ve had a lovely time hanging out with my husband and celebrating us being together for the last five years. He’s just the best and I love him to bits. See you tomorrow!

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