Drama Upstairs and a Relaxed Start to the Week

Before I launch into the latest drama with our upstairs neighbors, I just wanted to say that I’ve had a very chilled out Monday at home and I am really looking forward to the rest of the week. I went to the gym for my usual Monday ab workout and when I came home I rewarded myself for my hard work with a bubble bath and a sheet mask, followed by a mug of chai tea. Right, now that I’ve shared how the rest of my day has gone, let’s get on with the drama.

Last night after my husband and I had finished binge-watching The OA on Netflix, we were getting ready for bed when we noticed a water mark on our bathroom ceiling. Measuring in at one-hundred and seventeen centimeters long and twenty centimeters wide, we quickly took photos of the damage and sent an email to the managing agents to notify them of the issue. It was unclear whether or not the water had come from the bath tub or if a pipe had burst, but we were very concerned and wanted to make sure the problem got fixed.

Once we heard back from the managing agents, we learned that the water in-take pipe for the toilet had sprung a leak, which isn’t very surprising considering the fact that we had a similar issue happen with our toilet earlier this year. Luckily, the managing agents had a contractor around today to fix the issue upstairs, and they’ll have another contractor come by to put stain remover and a fresh coat of paint on our bathroom ceiling once the water mark has dried. Unfortunately for us, it may take a number of weeks for the mark to dry completely, so until then we just have to look at an ugly water mark on the ceiling of our bathroom.

At least the problem is getting fixed, and at least the damage will be rectified and we won’t have to pay out of pocket to repaint the ceiling. It’s a huge inconvenience, although I’m a bit relieved that it wasn’t something the upstairs neighbors did on purpose because I do not need anymore unnecessary drama from them.

Anyway, tomorrow is mine and my husband’s five year dating anniversary! We’ve got a whole day planned and I can’t wait! See you tomorrow!

day 354 drama upstairs and a relaxed start to the week