Tidying a Messy Dressing Table

Throughout my whole life I’ve always had a difficult time keeping my room clean. Even now as a thirty year old adult I will find piles of clothes scattered on the floor along with random bits of paper, countless bobby pins, and probably enough cat hair to create a whole fifth cat!! Honestly, I don’t have an excuse for how disorganised and messy I can let things get.

One of the main issues with tidying my room that I share with my partner has been the fact that I have allowed all of the surfaces — my dressing table and each of our dressers — to become completely overwhelmed by a ton of random junk.

Last night when we were about to go up to bed, I asked Alex what I should do tomorrow and he suggested cleaning my dressing table. Sure, I could have told myself to clean it months and months ago, but there’s just something about having somebody else assign a task that can help you actually buckle down and do it. So when I finished cuddling with all four of the cats and finally got out of bed today I put on a BTS playlist and kicked my ass into gear.

It didn’t take me all that long to clean, and when I noticed energy begin to lag I went downstairs to play some video games for an hour and a half. If I could give one major tip for tackling something like this it would be to take a break when you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Having that time to just kick back on the sofa with Dolores in my lap and a controller in my hands was really what gave me energy to continue cleaning and organising my dressing table. I even set an hour long timer and ended up adding on an extra thirty minutes because I didn’t feel like I had had quite enough time to chill.

Now that my dressing table is all squared away I actually feel really great about it. Obviously I’m going to feel good about having ticked off something that’s been on my to-do list for a super long time! I got a chance to sort through my extensive earring collection and weed out some of the ones that were missing, broken, or I’d noticed that I never reached for them anymore. I paired up the ones that were still in good condition and punched them through some card so I can donate them to a charity shop and maybe someone else will fall in love with them. It was nice to get rid of the ones I wasn’t wearing because now when I look at my earring collection there’s not a single one that doesn’t make me smile!

In addition to organising my collection of earrings, I also cleaned and organised my makeup drawers. I’ve really paired down my makeup in the last few years, or so I thought. There was a surprising amount of products I had been holding onto that were well past their expiration dates! I chucked out a good amount of old makeup, gave their storage compartments a wipe down, and now I can actually see where all my makeup is at once.

Even though I spent the day cleaning, I know that, deep down, I’m actually just a messy girl. What can I say? Some habits die harder than others! It’s okay, though, because most of the time it’s organised mess and all it takes is a little bit of encouragement to get me started. Now that my dressing table is clean, maybe it’ll encourage me to tackle the rest of the bedroom… Or maybe not!

How was your day?

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