Maybe I’m just coming down off the high of a very productive day (yesterday) but today I just don’t know what to write. To be honest I feel like I didn’t get much done even though I could have. Oh well, this is me trying not to beat myself up as much as I normally would!!

Anyway, what I did get up to today was a little bit of “gardening” with Alex. The reason why I’ve put gardening in quotes is because it was really just our effort to pull off dead leaves and clear away a little bit of the mess from our front garden.

As I mentioned previously, our front garden has been in an embarrassing state for quite some time. Since the sun was out for a little while this afternoon I wanted to take the opportunity to kickstart some of the work we need to do out there. Mainly that ended up being dirty work and now we’ve got a few bags of leaves to take the dump where we can chuck them to be composted.

We live in a mid-terrace house so doing any sort of work out front always heightens my anxiety. I know that I tend to do a good amount of people watching so I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbours did the same! Hopefully they won’t be too upset that we’re putting our mess just outside our property until we can take it away on Friday. I hate being that neighbour.

Right, that’s all I’ve got for today. Not sure what I’ve got planned for tomorrow but hopefully I’ll get a good night’s rest and do something fulfilling!

How was your day?

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