New Lens

One of the things I forgot to mention earlier this week is that I got a new lens for my camera. Well, it’s not new new, because if you know me one of the things I hate to do is spend money on something new when I can get it refurbished or like new for a bit cheaper. Anyway, the new lens is a simple 18-55mm kit lens.

Previously I had been using my 50mm for everything but since starting up my photo journal this year I quickly remembered the limitations of 50mm photography and also how annoyed I was in 2016 lugging around my 18-200mm lens everywhere I went.

Initially I thought I would buy a 35mm lens, which is actually still the number one lens on my list, but I went for the kit lens instead so I could have a simple all-around option. Since it’s a kit lens, it’s not the most sturdy quality out there. I should know because I actually used to have one back when I got my first DSLR! It was a Nikon D40 and it was my favourite thing in the world. I took it pretty much everywhere I went during my first couple of years of college. I still have the D40 body with me today, but the original kit lens broke when the camera fell off of my desk. Since then I’ve been rocking with 50mm and the 18-200mm lenses.

Anyway, I’m really happy I bought the kit lens and I’m hoping maybe for my birthday this year I’ll switch over to a Nikon D5600 (because I’ve literally been pining for this camera since 2016) with a 35mm lens. For now, I’m good.

How was your day?

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