Reading and Gaming

The last few days I’ve been reading before I go to sleep and I have to admit, it’s been nice. I’m finally at the point in the book I’m reading (The Dark Tower III: The Wastelands, by Steven King) where things are starting to get spicy and I’m curious to see where things are headed. I actually started reading this book over a year ago, too!!

I haven’t done much reading in recent years, despite how much I used to love it growing up. It was a great way for me to escape from the doldrums of my normal life and enter a new world, however nowadays I don’t really need to escape as much. Plus I’m just a bit lazy!

Anyway, today has been really cold but at least there were a few rays of sunshine. I got to see the disco ball lampshade-turned-plant-decoration sparkle a little bit so I’m excited for the sun to come back again soon. To be honest, I spent the whole day curled up on the sofa keeping warm and trying to get that last trophy for Cities: Skylines on the PS4. It’s been so frustrating, especially since I’ve gotten my population over 400,000 and still haven’t been able to complete the trophy for having 15,000 students studying at universities at the same time. Blegh!

Tomorrow is supposedly going to be a little less frigid than today so I’m hoping we can get out into the garden to cut the bit of wood I need for my new cabinet at the studio. I’d also like if we could work more on the mouldy wall situation that’s taken up so much of the last few weeks. Alex kindly treated the mould today so fingers crossed he’ll be able to chuck some paint up tomorrow!