Caught Off Guard!

(Just thought I’d drop a little content warning in at the beginning: diet)

So today was going great and everything – I woke up earlier than expected because I finally got that trophy I’ve been working on… And then suddenly it’s 3pm and my calendar is reminding me that I have a phone call with a dietician?!

Seriously, I don’t know how I got the days so messed up. I could have sworn that my dietician phone call was on Friday, but it turns out it was actually today! I was really caught off guard. Regardless of the surprise, the call was great. Basically the dietician asked a ton of questions regarding my current diet and past diets, my overall health and such. She applauded me for the progress I’ve made since October when I began intermittent fasting and was extremely encouraging about my current eating habits and diet in general. Since I’m a vegetarian I don’t eat animal proteins so she talked a lot about pulses and also why intermittent fasting can be quite good for people who have PCOS (aka me).

I’m really glad I had such a positive interaction with the dietician! It’s nice to have someone cheering you on, you know?

After the call I continued playing video games as per usual and then I suddenly realised that my kpop dance class was TODAY!!! So basically I ended up cramming all of my anxiety into 2 hours of stretching and moving furniture in the living room so I’d have somewhere to dance. I had already planned on having Friday morning and afternoon to mentally prep for the dance class so it was a real shock when I checked my calendar.

Nevertheless, the kpop dance class went really well. We learned the chorus choreography to Peaches by Kai and although it was difficult to get everything down I had a great time. I’ve missed dancing!! I’m excited to do more dance classes next month now that I’m feeling a teensy bit less paranoid about the latest COVID variant. Plus I could really use the motivation to get out of the house.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Thinking I might have a hot bath in a bit while I practice my Korean on duolingo. See you tomorrow!