Organising Photos

Jetlag is no joke, kiddos. I woke up around three in the morning and began the task of sorting through my photos from Las Vegas. It’s no small feat, either. So far I’ve managed to finish one journal entry but all of the others still require the actual journaling aspect. Initially I was hoping to finish them off before carrying on with my usual daily entries, but I think I need some time to collect my thoughts and finish organising the photos for each post.

Anyway, Alex has the rest of this week off for his birthday so we are in full recovery mode! Although we tested negative for COVID when we got home, I wouldn’t be surprised if we test positive in the next couple of days. Both of us have a little tickle in our throats which could be down to all of the dry, recycled air from our trip, or it could be COVID. We’ll test again in a few days just to check but until then we’re just chilling at home and obviously taking it easy regardless.

Speaking of COVID, one thing I wanted to mention was the measures we took to protect ourselves during our whole trip. On flights we wore double masks, and we always wore masks when walking around. Masks were required at the concert but I don’t think they were required anywhere else in Vegas. Even Lyft drivers would turn around and say we didn’t have to wear a mask if we didn’t want to. Relatively speaking, I feel pretty good about the effort we made. On Saturday we went out on the town and that’s really the only day that I felt like I was exposed, and that was when a very drunk girl spoke so close to my face that I felt a tiny drop of spit land on my cheek, and I wasn’t wearing a mask because we were outside drinking beer. It’s probably going to be fine, though.

Even when Alex’s mom picked us up from the airport on Tuesday we made sure to wear masks in the car and when we went back to the house to have tea and cake. The backs of our ears are both pretty sore after so much prolonged mask-wearing but I’m glad that we played it safe.

This week I have to carve out some time to go to the studio to ship out some Candle Club orders, and I would like to make a rough business plan for the rest of the year. Hopefully that will help me focus, too!