Late Night, Drowsy Day

Last night we stayed up to watch the final day of BTS’ concerts in Las Vegas. The concert started around half three in the morning our time and ended three hours later, and even though I’ve seen this particular set list and stage design three times before, it was still excellent! At the end of the concert there was a teaser announcement for their comeback (aka they’re dropping a new album and new “era”) on June 10th. I’m super excited because this will be my first time witnessing a BTS comeback. Really hoping Alex and I can get our finances together enough by the time they announce a tour in the fall.

So after the concert we went pretty much straight to bed. The cats were so happy that we were awake early but I was conked out within minutes of the livestream ending. It’s been a while since I’ve had a cold or anything like that, and I think this one is really taking its toll on me. I can’t remember if I mentioned this the other day, but we’ve done two COVID tests since we got back to the UK last week and both have been negative. Since COVID tests are no longer free for us in the UK, I guess we’re just going to assume we’re still negative and treat our symptoms like we would a regular cold.

Really, I’m just sleepy and my throat is still scratchy/mucus-y. It’s annoying but manageable. I slept for like eight hours this morning, then I had another lengthy rest in the late afternoon before dinner. Even now, we’ve just finished watching a movie (Choose Or Die on Netflix) and I could still fall asleep easily. Before I do retire for the night, however, I want to spend more time on my journal entry from the concert last week. Can’t believe it’s taking me so long.

See you tomorrow!