More Sleep and Too Much Sun

My throat is still scratchy and sore, so naturally I’ve been having a hard time going to sleep. Alex went out to the shops and got stronger cough drops and chloraseptic spray and those have really seemed to give me some relief at least!

The weather this morning was so lovely and sunny that I couldn’t resist sitting out in the garden to drink my coffee and watch videos. I even dozed off at one point and now I’m feeling a little bit of remorse since my legs have had enough time to develop their sunburn. Really, it’s not that bad. My legs never get any sun so I was kind of hoping to get a little bit today, I just underestimated how powerful the sunshine would be with a UV index of only three!

After I kept dozing off outside, I retired to the bedroom and slept until dinner time. I bought a ticket to the livestream of the last night of BTS’ PTD Las Vegas concerts, and that starts around three in the morning tomorrow, so I guess it’s okay that I slept all day anyway.

Still making my way through the concert journal entry. It’s going a little bit quicker now that I’ve gotten to the part where the show actually started. I’m going to work on it a little bit more tonight so hopefully I’ll be able to post it tomorrow.