Sunshine and Snoozing

Traveling back to the UK has somehow made this entire week practically disappear. I can hardly believe that it’s Friday and both all of our suitcases are still fully packed, the kitchen is in shambles, and we’re both still trying to set our sleep schedules straight. Today I got out of bed around one in the afternoon and I don’t even feel sorry about it. Alex has been feeling a little better than he was yesterday so he’s been able to look after himself while I get my own rest in.

I made some progress on my journal entry from the concert last week, and I can already tell it’s going to be a long one! So far I’ve only just finished writing the bit that leads up to the concert itself and it is quite lengthy. Hopefully it’ll be coherent enough when I’m done!

Tonight I don’t have many big plans. Alex is still wrestling with stomach issues and we’ve been making our way through the latest terrible reality dating series Netflix has come up with. It would be nice to play some video games and catch up with our friend Simon, but I don’t want Alex to overexert himself if he’s not up to it! Perhaps it’s best that we postpone for a few days.