Southampton Bound!

Greetings from Southampton! After many delayed and canceled trains, we finally made it. We’re hanging with some of my husband’s friends from University over the weekend and I think we’re all looking forward to catching up and having a bit of fun. I’ve never been to Southampton before so I’m excited to see what it’s like here near the sea.

Today has been kind of a blur for me already considering the fact that I woke up around noon and haven’t really stopped going since then. I did manage to go to the gym but I had to cut my workout a bit short so that I could go to the shops and pick up stuff. The train ride wasn’t too bad but the second train was super crowded and fairly unpleasant compared to the first train. Apparently there are train strikes happening this weekend so that’s why so many trains have been canceled? We arrived at Havant and found out our next train had been canceled, but luckily our friends drove up and collected us from the station. Hopefully the trains aren’t this bad on Sunday when we head back home!

Okay, now I’m feeling a bit antisocial sitting here and typing out my journal entry so I’m going to sign off and nurse my drink. See you tomorrow!

day 190 southampton bound!