Ready for the Weekend (Sorta)

Preparing for a weekend away hasn’t exactly been my top priority this week so a lot of the household chores have largely fallen by the wayside. Since my mood has been pretty low the last couple of days I’ve kind of pushed packing to the back of my mind. Tonight we’ve got to pack and then tomorrow I’ve got to run a few errands before we set off for a weekend of fun in Southampton.

This evening we went to Wagamama to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday and afterwards we saw Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. I have to admit that I didn’t find Ab-Fab as funny as I had hoped I would but I think it’s more a case of outdated humor attempting to reach a new audience than anything else. Regardless, it was really great to go to dinner and catch a movie! I had some really good chats over the evening so I would say that it was more than worth my time. Unfortunately I did wear my new shoes and now I’ve got a few blisters to deal with. That’s probably the worst thing about buying new shoes; if only it were easier and less painful to break them in!

So, let’s see what I need to remember to do tomorrow before we get the train:

  • Buy Compedes for blisters
  • Get makeup remover wipes
  • Pick up dinner from M&S (to be eaten on the train… Duh!)
  • Clean litterboxes
  • Hoover floors
  • Tidy up the living area and dining table

That list seems pretty manageable. I hope I’m not forgetting something, though. On my phone I’ve got a little checklist of stuff I need to remember to pack so hopefully I actually use that when the time comes. I’m planning on going to the gym in the afternoon but I should be able to drop by Boots or Superdrug on my way in and hit up M&S on my way home. I hope the cats will be okay while we’re away. I wish they were on better terms so we didn’t have to leave Dolores in the bathroom with all of her toys, but oh well. At least we’ve got someone to come around and look after both of them! I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Anyway, I better go pack and get ready for bed. I expect my posts from this weekend will be a bit different to usual (cross your fingers that I’m able to post before midnight!!) so bear with me. See you tomorrow!

day 189 ready for the weekend sorta