Brighten My Day

It may seem like a no brainer, but sometimes it’s easy to forget how much a compliment can brighten your day. At the gym this evening not one but two of the trainers came up to me to say how they’ve been watching me work on my jumps over the last week. It caught me so off guard to hear someone say that I’m improving and that I’m doing a great job, but it made such a difference to me. The last few days have been really difficult for me in terms of self esteem. Sometimes compliments from strangers are totally unwarranted and super skeevy, however when someone goes out of their way to let you know that you’re doing a great job it makes such an impact. Plus the fact that it came from people whose job is fitness doesn’t hurt, does it?

I just thought I ought to start off this journal entry on a high note since that encounter really did brighten the rest of my day. I’m happy to report that I have finished off the notes for my module, although I’m not feeling super jazzed about the ten assignments I’ve got to do over the next thirteen days. Hopefully the assignments aren’t as difficult as I want to think they are so I can just crack on with them.

Oh, I finally got in touch with my doctor’s office about the tonsillectomy. If you recall, I found out on Monday that the referral for my surgery hadn’t been received by Ashtead Hospital, so I was on a mission to find out why. After many unanswered and un-returned phone calls to my doctor’s office, I got ahold of the secretary and it turns out that my doctor hasn’t written my referral. She is on holiday until next week, so it looks like the earliest the referral will go out to Ashtead Hospital is sometime after that. I’m mostly feeling annoyed about the situation because obviously I just want to know when I am having my tonsils taken out so I can mentally prepare myself for everything. I also need to get my affairs in order with my online course so that I don’t have to stress about doing assignments whilst recovering from an operation. I’m predicting the surgery won’t happen until at least mid-August at this point, though.

Anyway, aside from the annoyances with the doctor’s office I’ve had a pretty good day. I did get the new Instagram feed update and I am definitely not pleased with it. The whole thing just doesn’t make sense from the perspective of the average Instagram user although I am curious to see if my feed adapts over the next few days. It just sucks that I can’t scroll through people’s pictures in the morning and feel like I’m catching up on what everyone did while I was asleep. Major bummer, but oh well. Hopefully a new photo sharing app comes out soon to fill the void!

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