Coffee Chats

Something I didn’t know I would miss during the pandemic is the utility of a coffee shop. It’s a one of those establishments that’s super useful in a pinch, whether it’s to grab a beverage, get off your feet for a little while, or to get some work done. Today I met up with a friend from dance class and I didn’t realise how long we had spent chatting over tea and coffee until the barista came over to let us know they would be closing in twenty minutes. It’s been a really long time since I grabbed a coffee with a friend and I’m glad the pandemic has chilled out enough for that to be possible again. Plus it was just nice to catch up with a friend! After the coffee shop we walked around the mall to do some window shopping for a while and we even found the kpop section at HMV!! I managed to resist the temptation to buy a BT21 plushie or a BTS album, though, because I really am trying to save money. Overall it’s been a pretty nice start to the week!

I’ve been thinking about how I might go about starting to train/condition for the upcoming dance performances my dance group has scheduled in July and August. I don’t really know what “conditioning” entails, but I would like to improve my endurance so I’m guessing cardio would be necessary (even though I hate it). Maybe I ought to suggest setting up a training schedule with the rest of the dance group and seeing if anyone wants to join me. Actually, maybe I should do some research on conditioning first and then ask.

This week I would like to get back into the studio to make some candles so that means I’ve gotta make sure I have all of the fragrances I want to make and order any of the ones I’m missing. Then next week I think I’ll work on photos and content for the website. Definitely still feels like I’m on vacation mode though, so it’ll be good to get my head back in the game soon!