Still Moody

When you’re in a negative headspace, how do you deal with it? More specifically, how do you communicate to others about how you’re feeling? I’ve always been the type to overshare on the internet (as evidenced by the entirety of this photo journal) and even though it tends to help me feel better, I still feel like I’m souring the mood for everyone else. Like, right now I’m feeling a bit down, and I keep pulling up Instagram and my group chat because I want to say something. Part of me wants sympathy, another part of me hopes someone will help shoulder this burden with me, and another part of me really just wants to apologise for being distant or negative or pessimistic lately. At the end of the day, I know this is all in my head. I just don’t know what’s the best way for me to handle it without feeling like I’m a burden on everyone else.

In other news, the softbox light kit I ordered on Monday was delivered. I set one of the softboxes up and tested it out for today’s photo and so far I think it’s going to be good for my candle photography. I’m planning on going to the studio tomorrow to take more photos, and I’m hoping they won’t be too big for the space.