Picnic with the Neighbours

Our street’s little picnic for the Queen’s Jubilee was today! I filled and frosted the lemon curd cupcakes and I’m pleased to report that they were a smash hit with the neighbours. The neighbours who organised the picnic set up some long tables in the close at the end of the street and it was really nice to see our neighbourhood all together. Social events like the one we had today are typically pretty difficult for me. I found it hard to make conversation for the better part of the picnic but Alex reassured me that I did really well so who knows! I think the fact that we’re the only millennials on our street made me feel like I didn’t have much to talk about with our neighbours, if that makes sense. At our flat we were the youngest tenants in the whole building by a lot so it’s nothing new to me. Regardless of how anxious I felt during the picnic, I do feel glad that we showed our faces and got to know our neighbours a bit better.

We ended up going to the cinema (luckily!) and we saw MEN. It was… Pretty disturbing! I was not expecting a lot of what happened in that film, and I’m not totally sure if I liked it.

Anyway, it’s been a busy day. I’m actually really looking forward to playing some video games and zoning out for the evening.