Studio Day and Picnic Prep

Went to the studio today to film some content and I was relieved to see that the unscented candle I made last week looked completely normal! The extra dehumidifier must have been a big help because both of the dehumidifiers were totally full when we got there. Hopefully the issue was just the humidity and not the fragrance oil! I poured a small batch of candles with the fragrance oil so the next time I head back in I’ll be able to see if they’ve turned out okay.

Anyway, Alex took some nice photos while I drove us to the studio this afternoon so I’ve tucked those inbetween my photos from today. I didn’t take many photos because I was focused on taking videos! Filming videos for my candles is surprisingly difficult. It’s mostly challenging to work with such a limited space for filming and also having my softbox lights so close to the candles. Also, I just might not be the best at it and I’m willing to admit that!! I’m good at taking photos and making graphics but video content is just another beast, I guess.

Alex is in the kitchen making cupcakes for our street’s Jubilee picnic tomorrow afternoon. We’re going for lemon curd cupcakes and I’m excited to try them when they’re ready! I’m not sure what the neighbours will bring but it should be interesting nonetheless. Alex suggested we go see a movie tomorrow so we can have an “out” if we want to escape the socialising but my main concern with that strategy is how much movie tickets cost. There is a new film out that I want to see called MEN that’s by the same director of EX MACHINA (2014) that looks right spooky so I suppose I could be convinced.