Non-existent Weekend Plans

It’s finally the weekend, baby!!!

In an effort to help reduce my general stress levels, I have decided to actually do nothing this weekend. No social plans, no huge house projects, no candlemaking. I’ve just been feeling semi burnt out with all of the socialising and work stuff lately and Alex has been feeling it too. I’m actually really looking forward to doing nothing and hanging at home.

Non-existent weekend plans aside, I spent the day working on content for Bit by Bit by Sienna and then went to dance class in the evening. Dance class was actually really fun and I had a great time! I think I was just hyped that it was the last thing I needed to do before I could kick off my weekend, haha. Even though it was super hot during class I think I still rocked the choreo.

I’m surprised I only took one photo of Dolores lounging on the windowsill today. Alex captured a funny moment where all of the cats were lined up in the catio and it was only after he tried to get another angle of them that he saw the grey neighbourhood cat sitting on the patio opposite them!! I swear that cat is too bold for his own good. I wonder if he’ll visit our back garden again sometime!