Woodland Walk and Talk

I’m not usually much of a hiker but today was a little bit different! I met up with my friend Sarah and we took her sister’s new dog for a walk up to Leith Hill. I’ve never been before but the weather was actually pretty perfect for the activity: not too hot and humid, and not too cold and windy. Also it turns out that dogs are a great excuse to go for a walk. Even though Mason is a small shih tzu he was really good about keeping up with us the whole time. There were a few moments when we had to pick him up to go over a log but he was surprisingly easy to lift with one hand so I didn’t mind.

Something I’ve always really loved about England is how beautiful it is. There was a part in the hike where we climbed down some steps and descended into the shady woodland and it just looked very magical. Even though there are generally so many brambles and nettles to look out for, woodland walks are lovely!

We spent over three hours walking and catching up, admiring the different coloured rhododenron blooms and making sure Mason was alright. I’m glad I got out and spent some time with my friend! Anyway, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the work. See you tomorrow!