Cleaning the Studio

I spent the day at the studio tidying and organising in preparation for tomorrow because my social media manager is coming! I’m excited but also nervous, as per usual. The studio is small enough when it’s just me, so I’m hoping she isn’t expecting very much!! I’ll pick her up from the station and then we’ll head to the studio where I can give her a tour before we sit down and talk content for July. After that I think the plan is to shoot some of the stuff, and actually that reminds me that I wanted to look over the content list she sent me and work out the logistics so we can maximise our time together tomorrow.

I’ve said it numerous times but tidying is not my fave thing to do!! Luckily when I was done tidying I spent some more time packing orders before heading back home. I looked at my timesheet and apparently I spent like eight hours working today? Hoo-boy, that’s not nothing!

Oh, and another annoying thing that happened at the studio: someone was parked in my space the entire time I was there. I wrote a note and left it tucked under their windshield wiper with my business card. It’s really frustrating because it forces me to park in someone else’s spot and then the problem just continues. And it’s always my parking spot because it’s the one next to the nursery and parents always think it’ll take ten seconds to collect their toddlers when it actually takes about ten minutes.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. See you tomorrow!