Tree’s Up

It was a nice chill day at home and I needed it after the lack of sleep I’ve had this week. We went out and bought a small Christmas tree and also grabbed a bunch of flower bulbs on clearance for 50p a bag. Last year we could only find a four foot tall tree and it actually worked really well with regards to the cats, so that’s why we’ve opted for the same size this year. I tried a different way to string the lights up and I think it looks pretty nice. After I snapped pictures I had Alex deck the tree with ornaments so now it’s looking particularly festive.

While we were getting the Christmas decorations out we also put away all of the Halloween decorations. Luckily the attic is more organised now so finding places to store the decorations went smoothly. There’s still a decent amount of stuff up there that could be decluttered or better organised but at least we can move around and we have a bunch of space to store my candlemaking supplies.

Tomorrow we’ll head back to the studio to do a lot of packing up. I have a few candle containers ready to be used so I’ll make some candles first and then we can spend the rest of the time putting stuff in boxes and into the car.

I think I’ve got some stuff on my mind but I don’t really know what it is yet. How frustrating is that? I’m sure it’ll come up sooner or later, but that’s all I’ve got for today. See you tomorrow!