Pizza & Packing the Studio

I made my final batch of candles today at the studio! I also ended up tossing out a lot of old spare wax that I thought I might use some day. We took a break from packing up the studio and went to have lunch at the pizza place in the little village by the studio. Fun fact: we’ve been meaning to get pizza there since we got the keys to the studio in 2020. Better late than never, I suppose! We shared a margherita pizza and a milano pizza along with some really decadent garlic dough balls. Oh and the chai latte I got was excellent, too. Definitely wish we’d gone to that place sooner, but oh well.

After filling up on pizza and dough balls we walked back towards the car park and stopped by the local organic food store. There were two really sweet huskies out front so I made sure to give them some good pats before we went in to have a look. The shop had a ton of locally sourced produce and upstairs there were so many great vegan products. I picked up a couple of bars of soap and some looseleaf darjeeling tea. I wish we could have browsed longer but the shop was closing so we had to leave.

We drove back to the studio and spent the rest of our time filling up the car. I managed to pack a huge plastic tub full of candles and wax melts, and we also brought home lots of flat packed boxes. Actually, we did a huge amount of packing at the studio so the next time we go back I bet it’ll feel really empty. On the bright side, I brought home my printer so I’m excited to have that readily available! The one at home is so slow and doesn’t work very well, so the printer from the studio is a massive upgrade. I might actually spend some time tomorrow messing around with my Cricut now that I’ve got a good printer!

Lunch was so filling that we didn’t really have room for dinner, and we’ve just been chilling with the cats for the majority of the evening. I unpacked the box of candles and wax melts and somehow I was able to fit all of the candles into one cabinet in the movie room! I put the wax melts in the linen closet so hopefully they’ll add a nice scent to our towels and sheets. I still have more candles spread around in other boxes but I’m sure I’ll find a place for them in the movie room eventually. I’m feeling glad that we got so much done, and I’m looking forward to resting.