Playing House

Today I spent a long time up in the office calibrating my printer and Cricut. I ended up making some gift tags! I would have done more but I think the adhesive on my cutting mat is just about done for, and I might need to just replace it. I even tried cleaning it but the stickiness still isn’t great. Once I finished playing around with the Cricut I decided to play The Sims 4 for a little while and that’s always fun.

Alex went up to London for his work’s holiday party so I had the house to myself this evening. I reheated some lasagne and made a very basic salad for dinner, and I even took the time to wash up the dishes. It’s actually pretty boring playing house by yourself. I cleaned and reorganised the tea and coffee corner of the counter, I fed the cats, I even did some dancing in the kitchen! And then around eleven o’clock I went to pick up Alex from the station.

That’s about it for today! See you tomorrow!