Gardening and Gaming

Even though it was really cold outside, when I saw it was sunny I knew I had to seize the day and get out in the garden to plant some bulbs. Plus I knew our compost bin needed some attention, too. Alex and I got down and dirty while we dug out a whole wheelbarrow full of fresh compost, and there’s still so much left! It was good to make a little bit of space in there but I definitely need to research some out of the box uses for lots of compost before springtime rolls around. Anyway, I managed to plant up all of the bulbs I bought on clearance. Fingers crossed I planted the bulbs the right way around and we get a lovely bunch of flowers next year!

After gardening I retired to the office to play more Sims. Dolores even joined me at one point but I quickly discovered that my desk chair isn’t deep/wide enough for me to sit cross-legged with her on my lap. She was actually getting a little bit annoying because I wouldn’t pet her so she started pawing at my canvases. I gave her some catnip downstairs and that seemed to occupy her.

Alex made a clementine cake for dessert tonight! I think it needs to be cold before I can really enjoy it but I’m just glad we used up most of the clementines we got in our oddbox delivery. I had a little nibble while Ichabod laid on my lap on the sofa and it was nice! Just needs to chill for longer.

Tomorrow I’ve got therapy again and I think I’m a little nervous about it? Like, last week was a really hefty session and I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts all week long so I’m nervous that I’ll end up uncovering some huge truth about myself or something. Something I’ve been thinking about all week is if I’m narcissistic (or too narcissistic) and what that would mean and how I’d feel about it. I think it would make me feel sad in a way because I’d feel like I’m just like my mother and haven’t actually learned anything. Does that even make sense? I think I also need to talk about self-sabotaging, too, because that’s clearly a recurring thing I do. Ooffffff. Even now my brain feels heavy trying to handle all of this. I’ll try to save it for therapy, I guess. See you tomorrow!