Tidying the House

A clean house is one of my favourite things. Unfortunately, my laziness combined with having four cats doesn’t make up the best combo for a tidy interior. I will say that having a Roomba has significantly improved the cleanliness of our house, and I’m so grateful for it!

Today we did a lot of tidying and cleaning up around the house. The kitchen and the living room tend to be the most noticeable eyesores so they took priority over the massive pile of laundry in the bedroom. After my shower this morning I gave the bathroom a quick wipe down, and then turned my attention to putting the living room in order. It really didn’t take long when I got down to it but sometimes you just need to light a fire under your ass to get shit done! And as luck would have it, our friend Simon came over just as the Roomba was heading back to its charging station. Perfect timing!

Anyway, this journal entry is going to be short so I can enjoy my evening. Alex got some cute pictures of Dolores and Margot curled up in the cat bed together, and some really sweet shots of Rosemary and Ichabod, too. See you tomorrow!