Brighton & BT21

For the first bank holiday this month we took a little trip down to Brighton to visit Artbox Cafe. Simon came along, too, so it was a nice little outing. This was mine and Alex’s third trip to Artbox Cafe, and I’m so glad we went. The Line Friends theme with the BT21 characters is ending next week so I wanted to go one last time before it’s gone! Alex ordered the Chimmy corn soup, I had the RJ Omnomnom Curry, and then we split the Universtars Toastie with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes. Simon ordered a ham and cheese toastie, and then we all got desserts, too.

My favourite dessert is the Tata Super Sundae which features a couple of different berry flavoured sorbets as well as a banan sorbet, oodles of whipped cream, and cute little star sprinkles on top. Simon got a pick-your-own sundae, and Alex got the Koya donut. It was all really tasty and the mood in the cafe was chill and sweet; they play soft versions of BTS songs and the cafe itself is a pastel dream! I’m really going to miss the Line Friends theme but I’m excited to see the new theme once it’s out!

After we finished eating we went downstairs to get some BT21 stuff, and then wandered out to the beach. Every other time Alex and I have been down to Brighton the weather has been pretty miserable so this was our first time walking on the actual pebbles of the beach. We took some photos and walked around a bit before heading back the way we came to catch the bus back to the park and ride.

It’s been a really nice day. Getting out of the house on a bank holiday was a good shout and I’m glad we got to show our friend a cute cafe we love! I’m feeling a bit sleepy now, though, so that’s all I’ve got to say for today. I can’t believe I took so many photos!