Candles and Dancing in the Studio

The drive to the studio was so lovely! The perfect amount of sunshine to ride with the windows cracked and the air off inside the car. Our car has a sunroof which is personally one of my favourite things to have in a car, especially in the UK because even on a chilly day you can still see the sky overhead.

It was nice to get back in the studio to make candles again. I feel like my candlemaking has been very stop-and-start recently so each time I return it feels like it’s been a while since my last visit. As for the scents I poured today, I poured a brand new scent as well as one I haven’t seen in a while. Whilst pouring the candles and listening to my playlist I just got in such a good mood and I couldn’t resist doing some dancing in the studio, haha. My body is already so sore from dance class yesterday but even that wasn’t enough to stop me pulling shapes.

In a little while I’ve got a video call with my BTS group chat for the group’s anniversary! Actually, I’m a little bit of an imposter because I joined the group chat a few months after everyone else. Luckily nobody seems to mind and I’m just happy to be there!

Today has felt a little more busy than I thought it would. Alex has been tidying the house while I spent the day at the studio, and right now he’s on a call with my brother talking about coding. I swear I blinked and the day is nearly over!! And tomorrow our friend Simon is coming over, too, so I expect tomorrow will also go by super quickly. Isn’t that funny how the weekends tend to end just as they begin while the weekdays tend to drag on and on?