That That, I Like That

Since I woke up this morning I’ve had PSY’s new song featuring and produced by Suga (from BTS) stuck in my head. It’s called “That That” and it’s a certified bop if I’ve ever heard one. Catchy, great choreography, and a super fun music video, too! I’m already obsessed with the choreography so I’ll probably learn most of it soon just from rewatching the video so often.

It’s the last Friday of the month so Alex and I went over our budget for May. After the trip to Vegas our savings accounts are looking pretty slim. I’m definitely trying to spend less on frivolous things and so far it’s working. One of the things we do is budget for our expendables so that we’re more conscious of how we’re spending our money. I budgeted for dance class, our seventh wedding anniversary, going to Art Box Cafe in Brighton on Monday, some hair dye, and a new nose ring. I’m hoping we’re able to build up our savings accounts and work on paying off the credit card before the end of summer, so wish us luck!!

Tonight I had my first dance class since coming back from vacation and boy was it a tough one for me! Something I’ve come to know about my learning style with choreography is that it takes me a few more rounds of practicing the moves before they actually click. I’ve always found it difficult to remember choreography, ever since I was a little kid taking ballet lessons. Still, I had a really fun time at class this evening despite how much I struggled with the choreography! It was also the first time I’ve gone without a mask so that was also really weird for me, but I’m perfectly happy to wear a mask in the future should I feel it necessary or if COVID cases go back up.

This morning Alex snapped some pictures of a fox sunbathing in the flower box at the back of the garden and I wanted to share them on here. We haven’t seen the foxes much in the last couple of years, so it’s lovely to see them enjoying the back garden every now and then!