A Good Therapy Session

In therapy today I talked about my fears of turning into my mom and being narcissistic, basically everything I said in yesterday’s journal entry. My therapist reassured me that the fact that I’m able to reflect and consider others’ feelings means I’m not narcissistic. We talked a lot about my tendency to use black and white thinking and how I’m learning to be more in the grey about things. The whole session was really helpful for me and it was a good reminder that I’m working on understanding why things effect me and being able to decide if I want to let things effect me. I came away from it feeling really good, so that was nice!

When I got home from therapy I played Sims and then spent some time wrapping Christmas presents. Alex and I went to the shops to get some ingredients for dinner and I bought a little baby sweater for Ichabod to wear. It’s been so cold lately and I just want him to be warm! I put it on him when we got home and he doesn’t seem to hate it, although I think the sleeves are the hardest part for him to get used to. Maybe I ought to shorten them so he feels more comfortable, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love seeing his little paws peeking out of the ends!! It was difficult to get a good picture of him because he kept moving around so unfortunately I only got blurry ones. He’s just a handsome boy and I love him!

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good day. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be super cold so I wanted to buy another hot water bottle to make me feel more prepared. I still don’t think I have a great grasp on setting the boiler and the radiators for this type of weather so the house feels warm, but we’re trying! See you tomorrow!