Essential Viewing and Productivity

Last night I introduced my husband to the critically acclaimed 2001 film, Legally Blonde. Honestly, I couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it yet, especially considering the fact that he has three sisters so his odds for catching at least a bit of it were definitely higher than zero. Either way, we watched it and I am glad to say that he loved it. I hadn’t realized until this most recent viewing how important a character like Elle Woods was for me growing up. The film takes a lot of negative stereotypes against women and flips them on their head, challenging societal norms and the patriarchy along the way. Definitely necessary viewing, even if you just want a good laugh.

But what about today? Have I made good use of my time? Did I do everything I said I would do? Well, yes and no. I woke up this morning and felt like an elephant had crushed me in my sleep so I allowed myself to have a little bit of a lie-in. Lucky for me, my husband agreed to make me a cup of tea and kindly set it on my nightstand so it would be the perfect temperature when I got up. It’s kind of nice to get that initial boost of caffeine first thing in the morning, and I definitely needed it.

After I had my breakfast I hunkered down and worked on finishing off one of my three assignments that are due next week. It only took me an hour or so to get everything done, but my main motivation was getting to play Sims 4 afterward. I did some laundry while I waited for Sims to finish updating and then I spent a lot of time editing households and trying out non-gendered clothing and hairstyles.

My husband came home sick from work and spent the rest of his work day with his laptop on the sofa, meanwhile I eventually convinced myself to go to the gym. It was a good decision because I felt good afterward but now I’m seriously exhausted. I even had a bath before dinner but I think I just need to pass out. We’ve got a packed couple of days this weekend with shopping on Saturday and a birthday shindig for the sister-in-laws on Sunday, and it all starts bright and early tomorrow morning.

day 155 essential viewing and productivity