Reorganizing: It’s Good for the Brain

My whole body hurts from my workout yesterday, which is cool but also annoying for my productivity. The only thing I’ve wanted to do today is sleep so it’s kind of a miracle that I even managed to do three loads of laundry and reorganize the top of the cabinets and my desk. Sometimes I get bored with my surroundings and that’s when I switch into HGTV makeover mode, shifting furniture and fiddling with my decor until it looks just right. It’s a little silly that I got into one of those moods today, especially since we’re gutting the living area next weekend anyway so I’ll just have to do it again. Reorganizing every so often gives my brain a new real world puzzle that I can safely solve without threat of injury, debt, or even failure. It’s really just a more satisfying and practical way to play Tetris, and that’s why I love doing it!

Speaking of interior design, I’m still slowly working my way through the remaining parts of my assignments. I’m kind of trying not to submit the assignments too soon, but I’m also just dragging my feet because I’m being a lazy bum. I have until next Wednesday to submit my assignments, so it’s really just a matter of tying up loose ends at this point. It’ll be nice to get this module over with because then I can have a celebratory Sims 4 binge-day, which is really what should be keeping me motivated over the coming weekend but we’ll see what happens.

It’s crazy how quickly this week has flown by! Tomorrow I’m going to the gym in the afternoon but before then I would really like to get at least one of my assignments completely polished off and ready to submit for next week. Oh, and I’d like to do the last few loads of laundry so that I don’t have to keep staring at them all weekend. Those are some of my goals, people. I need to set them for myself because if I don’t, nobody else will!

day 154 reorganizing it's good for the brain