Work Work Work

Okay, I did the thing! I finished off the drawing portion of the  third assignment for my module so now all I have so do is write out some explanations for my work and turn it in next week. It feels good to get the technical drawing out of the way because I was seriously getting stressed about how much I was putting it off. Waking up at 7am really helped me get my head in the right place for work, though, so I’ll have to remember that for next time.

Went to the gym today and worked on my arms, so, naturally, I am very tired. I hope I get an early-ish night tonight because I could definitely use a good night of solid sleep. Tomorrow I would like to get a significant amount of laundry out of the way and I think the house could use a little bit of a tidy up, too, but honestly the most important thing is that I scan my assignment in and start working on the writing portion before the weekend hits. We’ve got to buy paint supplies and a couple of birthday gifts this weekend, and truth be told I am very much looking forward to having a look around the shops for nice things!

Speaking of house-related things, I did a bunch of research on kitchen lighting today and have pretty much determined that I want to replace our kitchen ceiling light with a flush lighting fixture. Ideally the fixture would be LED and pretty basic, but it has to throw a good amount of light. I’ve found a few that I like the look of but I feel like I might get a better idea if I go to a store and see them in action. Either way, that’s something to consider for another day but it is definitely on my radar.

In other news, it was another miserably rainy day but I did manage to trim some of the herbs in my garden. The mint, sage, and the thyme are all growing like crazy lately. I don’t really know how to use sage and thyme very well in cooking so they usually just go straight into the freezer for a later date. It would be great if I had a bunch of recipes that call for these herbs but I literally just make potatoes seven days a week.

day 153 work work work