So Much to Do

My wrist went a bit funny today while I was using my mouse, which I’m pretty sure means my tendons were fatigued. Basically my hand got really shaky and made it impossible to do anything precise with my hands, so I took a really long nap on the sofa and decided to wait until tomorrow to resume my assignments.

I feel like I’ve spent most of today sleeping or not really thinking so I don’t feel like I have much to write about. I think I’m kind of procrastinating with my assignments. They seem too easy, but I know the third assignment is a technical drawing so that may be why I’m putting it off. Tomorrow is a day for getting stuff done, so I’m going to hold myself accountable and wake up at 7am so I can have more time in the morning for everything.

I’m getting nervous and excited about painting the walls in the living room. This weekend we’ve got to buy all of the paint and painting supplies so we’re all set to start painting next weekend. There’s so much we have to do before we can even paint, like take everything off of the walls, move all of the furniture, and even drain the radiators. It’s all manageable but I do feel like there’s something I’m missing. Hopefully I figure out whatever that missing thing is before the day we start painting, although I think I’ll be able to handle it no matter what.

In addition to painting, I’ve got my appointment with the ear/nose/throat specialist that following Monday! I must be psyching myself out for a lot of stuff, so I’m just going to get ready for bed and deal with this all later. See you tomorrow.

day 152 so much to do