No Granola To Be Found

Quite a few months ago, my husband and I began buying granola to have for breakfast. In the past we had tried a few varieties but none of them were nearly as delicious as the Waitrose cranberry and blueberry granola. We quickly became reliant on the stuff, adding it to our shopping list the moment we ran out. Two months ago, during a weekly shopping trip, we were mildly inconvenienced to find that our favorite granola was out of stock. Oh well, we thought and decided to try again in a few days. When we returned later that week, there was still no granola to be found.

Desperate to fill the cranberry and blueberry granola shaped hole in our breakfast routine, we turned towards a few other types of granola, but they paled in comparison. The new granola was gritty and lacked the tangy kick of cranberry, and so we decided we would wait patiently until our granola came back in stock. Many shopping trips came and went, each one leaving us even more frustrated than the last at the absence of our treasured breakfast item. We started to doubt whether or not the granola would ever return to the shelf, fearing that we would have to move on to an inferior granola.

Soon, the store began stocking muesli in its place, a poor attempt to move us beyond the granola. It became a guessing game as to whether or not the store would get rid of the granola entirely, and we became less and less optimistic of the outcome.

Then today, two months after the disappearance of the tangy and sweet granola we had grown so attached to, I thought to check the aisle while my husband stood in line at the café. I was sure I was hallucinating when I saw the vibrant bags of granola peering out from the once-empty shelf, and yet as I approached them I was made certain of what I saw: Our Granola. I pulled bags upon bags into my arms, clutching them close to my chest like a long-lost friend. Had I been able to carry more than four bags, I would have cleared out the whole shelf! I held the bags closely as I bounced to the tills and then down the stairwell and onto the street.

Neither of us could believe how long it took to finally get more of our favorite granola, but we were so glad that we decided to go to the store for fresh coffee on a bank holiday, otherwise we might have missed out on the whole thing! In other news, our friend Mary came to visit us and we had dinner at the pub (hence the cheeky snap of some onion rings next to a little bit of salad) and watched Jupiter Ascending. Overall, it’s been a fantastic bank holiday.

day 151 no granola to be found