Killing Time

I don’t think I remember the last time I read a book from start to finish in one day, but I have to say it was a great way to kill time on a Sunday! Today I read In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware and I thought it was pretty good overall. Even though I saw the twist coming from the first few chapters of the book, I still enjoyed seeing how the story unfolded and watching as the protagonist tried to put all the pieces together. Apparently this is Ware’s debut novel so I’ll definitely have to keep my eye out in the future for more from her!

In addition to wiling away the day on the sofa with a book, my husband and I spent a good half hour pondering the position of our two identical sofas. Our living area is a bit of a nightmare to furnish, but we’ve definitely made it work to meet our needs in the last year. Since our space is so small, we opted for two love-seats instead of one large sofa. The great thing about having smaller furniture items in our living room means the space looks bigger, and we have the added bonus of being able to easily switch up the layout. In an ideal world, we would have a comfy modern corner sofa that is 220cm wide that also doubles as a sofa bed. We’re searched high and low and have found very few sofas that tick all of the boxes and still remain somewhat affordable. So today we decided to try out a new position for the sofas we have, tucking one along the breakfast bar and joining the other one along the radiator, thus creating a makeshift corner sofa. It’s not perfect, although it does help that one of our sofas doesn’t have an armrest, otherwise we wouldn’t even be able to do this! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for the perfect corner sofa, but I think this is a nice alternative to our usual set up.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday in the UK, which means my husband gets to spend the day with me! We’re planning on hitting up the gym in the morning before it closes for the holiday, and then in the afternoon we’re going to hangout with our friend, Mary. Hopefully the weather isn’t terrible because I think it would be really nice to go for a walk and chill in the sunshine, but even if it does rain I think we’ll find something to pass the time.

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