Mold in the Basement

Yesterday was all about how I have been coping with various stressors and I feel like that entry was a little bit heavy but overall I think it was important for me to see where I’m at with everything. Today has been a really good day apart from the fact that my left eyelid has been twitching almost non-stop. We took Dolores to the vet for her first round of vaccinations and to see if she has ear mites, and luckily she doesn’t appear to have an infestation however we still have to get Beatrice checked.

Speaking of the kitties, they managed to hang together semi-peacefully once we got back from the vet! Beatrice actually curled up under the sofa while Dolores played with her toys, so I would say that it was a success. Obviously we’re still working on getting Beatrice to be nicer towards Dolores, which is why we’re still on supervised visits at the moment. Hopefully by sometime next week the cats will be able to hang out together in the living area with no batting or hissing!

In other news, we heard back from the managing agents of our building about the mold in the basement. They had an inspector come take a look at the mold a few weeks ago and basically they’ve said that the basement needs to be tanked and they’ve given us a quote of roughly £24,000. The managing agents are notifying the developers (who, by the way, knew about the mold and attempted to ‘get rid of it’ by installing extractor fans back in October that have only made the mold worse) and I’m hoping that they’ll just flat out agree to pay the cost, although I wouldn’t count on it.

When we contacted the developers back in October to tank the basement they flat out said no, but now that the whole building is aware of how much tanking the basement will cost and the fact that we actually really do need it to be tanked things will move more quickly. I wouldn’t mind if we had to pay a portion of the cost however I do believe that the developers absolutely need to pay the majority of the cost since they should have tanked the basement in the first place! Hopefully this whole situation gets sorted out and the developers foot the bill, otherwise we may end up seeking legal council.

day 194 mold in the basement