Pokémon Go is Still Awesome

Well today I got my period so at least I have an explanation for my tumultuous mood over the last week, although I’m now enduring a fair amount of sporadic pain, hah! Anyway, it’s been a decent day. I feel like I’ve been focusing a lot on Pokémon Go the last few days so I made sure to devote a bit of time to finishing off one of my assignments. Since all ten of my assignments are due next Tuesday it’s super important that I power through and get them all done soon. This morning I managed to finish my fourth assignment which seemed to be the big visual report, so hopefully the rest are easy peasy and I can knock ’em all down in a day or two.

My workout at the gym today was pretty good! I felt super tired by the end of my arm workout that I didn’t do quite as much on the monkey bars as I would have normally, but that’s okay. I’m still sore from Monday’s workout so I’m willing to bet I’ll sleep extra soundly tonight.

On my way to the gym this afternoon I wandered through town to hit up all of the Pokéstops and battle at one of the gyms along the way. I think it set me back by at least thirty minutes, and then I did the same thing on my way back home. Pokémon Go is still a lot of fun for me and I’m determined to get every Eeveelution before I call it quits. So far I’ve only got two Eevees (one is named Smol Bean) so I’ve got quite a ways to go before I can evolve them all, haha.

In other news, my husband finally got a new phone! He’s been using his iPhone 4s since 2012 so it’s ABOUT TIME that he upgraded to one of the newer models. Ever since he got home he’s been glued to his devices trying to migrate all of his apps and junk over to the new phone. I’m just really excited because that means we’ll be able to play Pokémon Go together over the weekend!

day 195 pokémon go is still awesome