ARMYversary and Productivity

It’s been a whole year since I fell in love with BTS! What’s even better is that my PROOF albums were finally delivered, too! I’m so glad I hopped on the BTS train last year because I was going through a rough patch and their music and attitudes really helped me. Plus, I’m really lucky to be in such a cool group chat.

Today I went to the studio to shoot a bunch of stuff and now I feel like my brain is a little fried. The good news is that I think the pictures turned out pretty great so at least there’s that! I have to admit that it does feel like I’m doing a ton more work than I was a couple of months ago and it’s a little frustrating that I’m not seeing returns on it, if that makes sense. Like obviously there’s stuff I make that gets posted on our Instagram and people like/comment etc, but there’s also other stuff that people don’t get to see that I wish I could get some praise for.

Does that sound silly? I don’t think so, actually. I’ve taken on a new role for myself and hired my first ever employee. There have been so many growing pains, half of which I’m sure I’m not even aware of yet, but it’s turning out to be a lot. Going from making candles as and when I please and rarely posting about them on social media, to now prioritising waking up before noon so I can get a jump start on editing photos, making graphics, doing admin, etc. Like, wow dude. Definitely missing the “you’re doing great” comments from a superior right about now.

Anyway, our new hammock was delivered today but it’s actually too short for our hammock stand. We spent a stupid amount of time trying to reuse the rope from the old hammock to string it up and even though it works now it’s not perfect.

Right, that’s it for today. I’m going to watch a twitch stream and play The Sims 4. See ya!