Customising a Mid-Century Modern Sideboard

We went in to town today to look for some mid century style furniture from the charity shops and I finally found a suitable media unit to fit in our living room alcove!! I’ve been searching for the right piece for months now but everything I’d come across was either too expensive or too large for the space. We snagged a great little drinks cabinet/sideboard for only £30! At the time we bought it I thought it was the right width for the space, but it turned out to be two centimeters too big. After trying and failing to fit the piece of furniture in the space, we resorted to busting out a gift card to buy a jigsaw to help us cut the side off.

It took us five hours of unscrewing, sawing, shimmying, and reattaching some parts but it looks pretty great so far! I added some legs to the piece to give it a bit more height, and inside of the cabinet I’ve cut out a few holes for cables to thread through. The only blocker right now is deciding how I want to put the TV plug through there but I’m not sure if I want to cut out a bigger hole just yet.

It feels good to do a DIY that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Our previous media unit was a black metal unit we bought from IKEA and it had never really fit our needs. It served its purpose, though! I think it’ll get a coat of pastel green spray paint before I decide to get rid of it so hopefully that’ll give it a second or third life in another part of our house.