My Whole Body is Sore

My dance team had rehearsal today for four hours and I am so exhausted!! Exhausted in a good way, for sure, but exhausted nonetheless. We put together two sections of the choreography for our performance at Pride next month and it’s already looking so good. I had a lot of fun at rehearsal despite how stiflingly hot it was in the rehearsal space. The space itself doesn’t have any windows so we took breaks to stand outside in the breeze while the other half of the group went over their parts. I think I’m going to bring a fan with me to practice on Thursday so we can get a bit more air flow in the room because it got so humid today.

Alex picked me up from practice and as soon as I got in the door I stripped down to my undies and sat in front of a fan while he covered me with damp tea towels and put my sore feet in a bucket of cool water. And get this: the combination of sweat and friction on my chest has resulted in some sore skin on the underside of my breasts! This is one of the unfortunate realities I have to deal with as a person with a lot of chest meat. I always have to wear two sports bras if I’m going to do anything active because otherwise I can’t do any sort of jogging without hurting my back. I’ve said it plenty of times before and I’ll say it again: I would happily get rid of my big boobs if I had the means to do so!!!

Anyway, after multiple foot rubs and a bubble bath I’m feeling better now. My whole body is sore but that’s par for the course when you dance for four hours!