Worms and Compost

When I woke up this morning I had such a difficult time getting out of bed. Like, literally. My whole body was just wrecked from dance practice! Luckily I got to have a lie in because Dolores came up to cuddle with me so I couldn’t say no, could I?

On Saturday when we were in town we stopped in at Poundland to have a gander and within the first minute of setting foot inside I locked eyes on a worm farm kit and I knew I had to have it. Since starting our own compost pile when we bought our house in 2019 I’ve always enjoyed watching the worms do their thing. So I bought the worm farm and quickly set it up when we got home that day. The kit came with a piece of paper that folds around the tank to keep the worms in darkness, as well as a few packets of different coloured sand, stickets, and instructions on how to care for your worms. So far it’s been really neat to check on the worm farm tank every day to see if I can spot any worms chilling against the sides! It’s a bit like having a mini compost bin in the house but without the flies.

Speaking of worms and compost, I spent some time repotting a spider plant that desperately needed some fresh soil. I got to filter out the worms from my homemade compost before repotting the plant and that was pretty fun. I’m always so impressed by the sheer number of worms I find!

It’s been a fairly chilled out Monday for me and I’m super grateful for it because it’s given me some time to let my muscles rest. My glutes are super sore from yesterday, as well as my back. Definitely need to stretch! It’s times like this that I wish we had one of those cool massage guns. Anyway, that’s basically it for today. See ya!