Touching Grass

I spent a bit more time out in the garden this afternoon and today I took the time to dig out all of the weeds from the planter box on the patio. Originally I meant for the planter box to be like a little kitchen garden but I don’t think it got quite enough attention and sunshine to really thrive. It wasn’t long after I planted some rosemary and little veggies that the whole planter box was overtaken by grasses and weeds. So I basically just let it grow and do whatever for a few years! When the weeds were finally removed I relocated the rosemary bush toward the back and planted a bit of living lettuce and some sprouts I’d found in the compost heap. I think the sprouts are either pumpkin or butternut squash? Either way, we’ll see if they continue to grow in their new environment! I added some fresh compost to the planter box and watered it. Fingers crossed!

The amount of blackberries growing in the garden is actually really impressive! I’ve been trying to position the berries away from the ground in the hopes that hungry hedgehogs aren’t able to eat them all. It would be neat to make some blackberry syrup with them. I also saw a bunch of little butterflies enjoying the “meadow” behind the flower box at the back of the garden! They really seem to like those yellow flowers so I’ll do my best to reseed them if possible so the butterflies continue to enjoy my garden.

All in all, it’s been a nice day. I’m glad I got outside and touched grass. The old fishtank I’ve turned into a terrarium sits outside under the patio table and I’ve been steadily growing spider plants and random sprouts in the soil. Every day I like to check on it and see how the snails, roly polies, slugs, and worms are doing and so far they seem to be doing pretty well. The plants in the terrarium are growing super easily and the broad beans I put in yesterday appear to be going down a real treat! I’m not too sure how long the terrarium will last, especially when the temperature drops and I have to bring the tank indoors over winter. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it going for a long time but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!