Analytics and Internet Freedom

Dance practice was cancelled for this evening because our teacher/captain wasn’t feeling too well, so I’ve basically spent the evening playing The Sims 4! Don’t worry, though, I took care of a decent amount of work earlier today and I even had a meeting with my social media manager.

It’s been interesting having to think about social media marketing strategy so much more over the last few months. It’s funny that I actually used to be a social media manager back in the day but everything has evolved so it’s basically a whole new world!! The most annoying thing has been bending to the will of Instagram’s algorithm in terms of what content we make. I’m definitely more comfortable taking photos than I am shooting videos but that seems to be the type of content that IG pushes to other users more and I hate it! Whatever, I’ll get used to it eventually.

In my meeting today we talked about analytics and now I’m having Alex set up Google analytics on my shop’s website because I just don’t have the energy to deal with it, haha. I remember using it way more back in 2013-2015 but since I distanced myself from making YouTube videos and posting on Tumblr I sort of gave it up. It also doesn’t help with the more recent GDPR junk. I definitely think it’s important to be able to browse the internet as anonymously as you want without fear of someone using that information to sell you stuff so I’ve got a super fine line to straddle as a business owner.

Having to explain my position on internet freedom to my gen z social media manager was really interesting!! She’s just looking to get more information about customers and potential customers so she can tailor our content to appeal to them, but I still think that information needs to be handled delicately. I think we might end up doing a survey and sharing it with our followers and email subscribers at some point. At least in that case anyone who participates is voluntarily providing their information to us with the knowledge of exactly how we will be using it in the future.

Anyway, switching topics! When I sat down to look at my photos for today I was surprised to see one singular out of focus shot of the roses in the front garden. I was trying to capture how the orange roses where turning a bit pink as they were wilting but clearly I didn’t bother looking at the screen when I took the picture!! So instead I did a little photo hunt around the house and ended up finding a fallen leaf from one of the plants in the entryway that looked really cool. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll take more more pictures and they’ll be in focus!! See ya!