Garden Growth

My hair has been so frizzy from the humidity lately and it’s driving me crazy!! The other day when I washed it, I swear it was still slightly damp the next day. I think the humidity, the argan oil I’ve been using recently and the conditioner I have going at the moment must be why my hair’s being so annoying. After I had a shower today I ended up blow drying and straightening my hair just so I could be certain it would actually be dry, but my hair was still frizzy and the ends didn’t look sleek like they ought to. I reckon I also need to cut my hair to get rid of any split ends, etc. Whatever, it’s just annoying having to put so much energy into my hair and it doesn’t even turn out the way I want it to.

In other news, I had a little look around the back garden and I was delighted to see that the dahlias I planted have produced a little bloom!! I’m so happy to finally see a cute little dahlia pop up because I’ve tried so many times and haven’t had any success so this really feels like a win for my garden. The fuchsia are also looking so lovely, too. Earlier this year I pruned them back so hard and they seem to be flourishing as a result. Speaking of flourishing, the pumpkins I have in the raised planter are also looking good. There are three plants in there so I’m curious to whether any or all three of them produce anything. They’ve all got multiple buds so with any luck we’ll have at least one pumpkin!! I could totally see a pumpkin patch being a permanent addition to my garden.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to share for today! I snapped a really lovely picture of the sunset through the living room window which was a nice sight after all of the grey days we’ve been having. See you tomorrow!