Money is Tight and Tidying is Hard

Last night I had the realisation that I’m actually feeling pretty stressed about a few things in particular. The first thing that has been weighing on my mind has been money. I’ve already written quite a bit about how tight our finances have been, especially this month. I had to order more of my supplements today and the total for the three bottles came to £60!! I’ve already had to use money from savings for stuff like supplies to finish the mushroom sculptures and covering my overdraft, and now I’m out another £60 from savings because my supplements were going to run out before the end of the month. It also sucks because this is my birthday month and I can’t even justify treating myself to a little present because we just don’t have the money for it. I had thought that we would go to the cinema on my actual birthday to see a movie since that’s one of my favourite birthday traditions, but I can’t justify it. It’s really bumming me out.

The second thing that’s giving me grief is the state of our house. It just feels incredibly messy and impossible to manage. We haven’t run the Roomba in a while because there’s just so much stuff on the floor that we’d have to pick up. The kitchen is also by far the worst part of the house – clutter everywhere and the floors are always dirty. I realised that if I suddenly got the urge to use the kitchen for cooking or baking or even making a cup of tea I wouldn’t be able to because of how dirty it is on a daily basis. Alex and I talked about this and I hope we’re able to make some changes. I find it really hard to clean regularly, and it’s even harder to begin cleaning when it feels like it’s an impossible task. It’s definitely easier for me to keep an area clean from the jump.

Anyway, today I woke up at seven o’clock and decided to get out of bed since I wasn’t feeling tired at the time. I went downstairs and spent time with the cats, and then a little later in the morning I had a nap on the sofa. The weather today was really lovely up until it got super muggy and humid in the evening, but at least we got a bit of sunshine. Alex and I went to B&Q to get an over the door hook for the bathroom and had a cheeky look at the garden center while we were there. The dahlias looked so lovely, it was hard to resist taking some home so I took pictures instead.