Carving and Filling Mushrooms

Today we worked on the mushrooms and we made some really good progress! Alex carved one of the big mushrooms while I shaved and filled the most of the small ones with polyfilla. I actually think I like the polyfilla more than the wood filler! We got it in powder form so it was really easy to mix up just the right amount and be able to choose how thick or wet the filler was. I also used a spray bottle to mist the polyfilla and give it a final smooth over and hopefully that’ll make sanding loads easier. After the filler and carving, I sprayed the last little bit of the large mushroom so that’ll be ready to carve soon.

We finished crafting and then we played Fall Guys with our friend Simon for a little bit. It was fun but I’m not always the best at the mini games. Still, I’m glad we got to hang!

In other news, yesterday I lit the last Spiced Pumpkin candle in the orange jesmonite pot. This one had the smallest wick size and when I blew it out yesterday it hadn’t even melted all of the wax around the sides so I was worried it would tunnel and the wick would drown. Despite the slow start, I lit the candle again today without trimming the wick and that seemed to work really well to melt the wax all the way to the edge! I still think the wick size is too small, but I reckon I could go smaller than the medium sized wick so I’ll need to buy some and try them out.

Anyway, Alex took some pictures of the mushrooms after we had filled a bunch of them with the polyfilla so I’ve added that in. See you tomorrow!