Vet Visit and Hitting a Goal

Author’s note: This journal entry was written on September 16th, 2022.

We took Ichabod to the vet for a weigh-in today! The last time we brought him in was about a month ago when he had his blood test. Getting him in the carrier was actually really easy since he was napping and we made sure to put a comfy tea towel in beforehand. When we got to the vet he was still pretty chatty which is a bit unusual but I think it was because Alex had the carrier up on his lap so he could see us instead of keeping it on the floor like we’ve done before. The weigh-in went smoothly and Ichabod was his usual charming self. He was 5.2kg last month but now he’s up to 5.48kg so that’s a relief! The vet assured us he’s a healthy weight, doesn’t have any red flags in his blood test, and he’s totally fine. So we popped him back in the carrier and brought him home to give him some treats for being such a good boy. Margot and Dolores were jealous that he got treats and Dolores even went and had a nap in the cat carrier to see if she could get in on the action!

Anyway, apart from that I finally got my city population in Cities: Skylines to over 100k so that’s exciting! I’ve been working on this city for about a week, give or take. It was cool that I was able to hit that goal so quickly.